• HR Consultancy

    The biggest challenge being faced by the majority of the Organizations in Tanzania is adjusting to coping up with the labour legislation such as:

    • Contracts of employment;
    • Maintain employment standards;
    • Record keeping;
    • Handling disciplinary, termination and grievance procedures etc.

    Understanding the intricacies of the law and implementation of the same in different scenarios on a daily basis is not an easy task for HR Managers and Personnel as a slight deviation can cost the Organization in many different ways.

    Our team of dedication Industrial Relations specialists will work hand in hand with your team to address any issues that may arise in your and keep your liability to the minimum.

  • Performance Management

    We will help you to develop a performance management plan that will lead your employees efforts toward achieving better results, to support the growth of your business as well as the employee’s professional growth as well as retention of key staff. Our HR consultants will help in every stage from setting performance standards to conducting periodic Performance Appraisals. With our assistance you are guaranteed, as an employer, to be able to cascade your top level objectives down to the floor level, weed out non performers, reward performers, identify employee development needs, understand employee issues that are affecting competency and increase productivity.

  • HR System Assessment

    Our team has the capacity to assess your entire HR systems. The objective of this is to identify gaps in the current HR systems and recommend corrective measures in order to ensure that your law complaint.

    Our assessment covers but not limited to the following: View the organization structure, review the existing HR policies, procedures & practices, review of contracts of employment, review of current job description, review the Personnel files, Interviewing HR personnel and Head of Department, review systems & procedures as required by Employment Act.

    After completion of the assessment exercise we will provide you with a comprehensive report that shall give the management an in-depth view of the gaps in the existing system and recommend measures to bridge those gaps.

  • Training & Development

    Skilled manpower guarantees an organization to function smoothly. HR Solutions understands that well-trained workforce give an organization a competitive advantage for its survival in any sector. We offer tailor made Training and Development Services across various subjects. We are committed in both improving the skills needed for the job and improving personality. With our competent team of trainers and our experience, we promise to help our clients to achieve their objectives, aspirations and potential by developing the knowledge, skills, motivation and attitudes of their employees.

  • Background Checks

    Background checks are necessary so as to maintain workforce integrity and safety. They reduce the risk associated with hiring decisions. With the opportunity to offer you background checks services, we promise to give you the needed insight in uncovering the unknown details of the potential candidate. We can do employee background checks on behalf of any organization. We are committed to customize a solution that is appropriate for your needs. This service will be performed in a convenient, confidential, cost-effective and legally-compliant manner in order to enable you to recruit and retain top talent while lowering staff turnover rate, reducing risk of internal criminal activities and maintaining integrity in the market.

  • Employment Contracts

    Contracts of employment are the cornerstone upon which the relationship between employers and their employees are built. Though there is a body of statute law which governs specific aspects of the relationship between workers and their employers, such as minimum notice, annual leave and specific leave entitlements, these laws only form a part of the basis upon which the employment relationship is based. The other part of the employment relationship is based on the written terms and conditions given by employers to their employees, which function to work in conjunction with existing statue law to specific and define, and employee’s right as well as their obligations. While employment laws often apply in generalized fashion to either all or specific groups of employees, a contract of employment is a legal agreement between a specific employer and a specific employee.

  • HR Policy & Procedures

    Our partnership with you will ensure that your HR Policies & Procedures are adhering to the requirement of the law and being implemented. This will help your employees to know their duties, responsibilities and rights, they will understand the rules & regulations of the Organization and they will become aware of the procedures to follow. On the other hand you as an employer will become law compliant, fair and transparent, avoid potential labour disputes and identify and take action on habitual offenders.

  • Salary Survey

    Salary survey refers to a review of the average salaries and benefits paid to employees in a certain industry sector and region. Every business that wants to stay competitive in the market should conduct regular salary surveys. Your Company can adjust compensation packages to new employees upward or downward based on the results of a salary survey. HR Solutions, through research, will look at current job salaries, compensation trends and provides your business with detailed benefits information. This information will help your business to develop informed and up to date hiring and pay plans for different positions. With us your business will be able to attract top candidates by offering competitive wages and benefits packages. Through this your business can also avoid grossly underpaying or overpaying employees, which can lead to low morale amongst the employees or over – spending in staff costs.

  • Conflict Management

    Peaceful and lovely working environment is vital in increasing productivity. The HR Solutions team will help you understand issues & grievances of employees and recommend strategies to address such issues as well as representation in Labour Tribunals. This will help you to Avoid Individual, group or collective grievance, and disputes build positive relationship with employees and motivates employees to be more productive


HR Solutions Ltd, provides innovative staffing solutions across Tanzania. Our goal is to help not only the candidates but also the organizations to beat the competition in the market. We are dedicated to help organizations to match with top talents.


An unfilled vacancy is a problem that can unbalance an entire department or company. Opportunities might be missed, planned delayed, or other personnel diverted from important tasks. It can also contribute to management stress. Our recruitment experts can help you find the right candidate on time. In addition, we will save your valuable time by pre-screening candidates and arranging interviews.

We will always work with you to get a comprehensive job brief, in order to ensure a smooth and successful recruitment process.


HR Solutions staff and management are committed to perform their duties in high spirit and enthusiasm to achieve their best GOALS and to guarantee the satisfaction of clients and candidates.

People are the building blocks of all productive and successful businesses. Having a vast experience in industrial relations matters, HR Solutions stands a better chance to identify needed talents that can strengthen client’s human resource capabilities.

It is the attention to detail that sets us apart. Our extensive database and specific industry network enable us to quickly and accurately respond to the needs of our clients and applicants.

“When you partner with HR Solutions Ltd our sole mission will be to add value to your business way beyond what you were expecting. Working with you will be like a business relationship rather than a business transaction. We will offer expert advice, guidance, assistance and solutions to a comprehensive range of HR issues that will make the difference. We will become an extension to your business rather than an addition.”